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Villa Doorsparen 2001

Thurn & Taxis, Ici et maintenant, Belgian System, Brussel

partial installation view

n/t (heavenly bodies) 1991-1999

chalk, blackboard paint, cotton canvas, wood, bicycle stands,

170 x 188 x 25 cm

n/t (two beds) 1999-2000

mops, buttons, yarn, pins, plastic, decals, 100 x 180 cm each

n/t (pyjamas & sleeping bag) 1994

garbage bag, yarn, zipper, buttons, each 70 x 40 cm

n/t (apron) 1996

mops, yarn, buttons, 77 x 38 cm

n/t (suspenders) 1999

mops, buttons, yarn, 22 x 20 x 2cm